Welcome to "Kevin Trudeau Is A Liar"

I have created this blog in an attempt to counter the sheer volume and frequency of lies foisted on to the public by Kevin Trudeau, a man who - despite numerous court orders to stop doing so - continues to create infomercials for a wide variety of bogus products and, more recently, a wide array of books which he claims contain health, investment and other "secrets" which (of course) "they" don't want you to know about.

As I write this (March, 2010) Mr. Trudeau is under not one but several court orders banning him from creating more infomercials, and yet we still see him on late night and Sunday afternoon TV, promoting his most recent output: "Your Wish Is Your Command", a 14-CD set which he sells for $297.00 USD.

Over the course of this blog, I will attempt to enlighten the public on just how many lies Mr. Trudeau is telling, and I'll describe in easy-to-read terms what the litany of court orders and other legal proceedings against Mr. Trudeau actually mean. Most importantly, I'll do my best to make sure you don't waste any of your money on the utter bullshit products that Kevin Trudeau insists on pushing to the public at large. I'll also link to as many free, easy-to-find alternative sources for the exact same information that Kevin Trudeau claims you can "only get" from the books and subscriptions he charges you for.

Kevin Trudeau believes that the public at large is an audience of idiots. He believes that anyone will fall for a lie, no matter how many different times or how many different ways it is re-told. I'm here to put a stop to that.

I shall remain anonymous, simply because I am just like you, an audience who is sick of hearing from this charlatan. I am not a doctor. I am not a financial advisor or investor. I have no interest in the products that Mr. Trudeau continues to push via infomercials. So why am I doing this?

Because Kevin Trudeau is a liar. Plain and simple.

Stay tuned.


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