Comprehensive Third-Party Research Exposes Kevin Trudeau's Scams

In researching Kevin "the liar" Trudeau and his incessant abuse of the airwaves, I have of course become aware that I'm not the only person who wants to expose his lies.

My own research is ongoing, and unfortunately it's taking longer than I would like to collate everything into a brief, readable set of posts. This is the problem with scammers like Kevin Trudeau: they make broad, sweeping statements with the goal being that unwitting consumers will immediately send their money his way. Trying to dispute a broad, sweeping statement like "I have a 100% cure for herpes" takes time and effort. Trudeau knows this. He's (literally) banking on it.

So while my own work continues, I thought I'd write a post outlining the extensive research that's been done by others.

The New York Consumer Protection Board: Cancer 'Cures' Are Empty Promises
in Kevin Trudeau's 'Natural Cures' Book
. [Aug. 2005]

This one is, in my opinion, a must read. It virtually goes through a series of the book's claims, and refutes every last one of them.

A choice quotation:

"This book is exploiting and misleading people who are searching for cures to serious illnesses," said Teresa A. Santiago, Chairperson Teresa A. Santiago. "What they discover is page after page after page of pure speculation -- not the cures for cancer and other diseases that are promised."

"From cover to cover, this book is a fraud. The front cover makes false promises about 'natural cures' that are in the book, while the back cover includes false endorsements, including one from a doctor who died three years before the book was even written," Chairperson Santiago said.

You can't get much clearer than that.

Or can you?

Scientific American: Cures and Cons: Natural scams "he" doesn't want you to know about [Mar. 2006]

If readers had purchased Trudeau's Mega Memory, perhaps they would have remembered that he spent almost two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to credit-card fraud and that the Federal Trade Commission banned Trudeau "from appearing in, producing, or disseminating future infomercials that advertise any type of product, service, or program to the public, except for truthful infomercials for informational publications. In addition, Trudeau cannot make disease or health benefits claims for any type of product, service, or program in any advertising, including print, radio, Internet, television, and direct mail solicitations, regardless of the format and duration." Trudeau had to pay $500,000 in consumer redress for his bogus infomercials and another $2 million to settle charges against him for claiming that coral calcium cures cancer (it doesn't) and that an analgesic product called Biotape permanently relieves pain (it doesn't).

Discover Blog: Here's something Kevin Trudeau wants you to know: he's contemptible. [Feb. 2010]

Outlines the most recent contempt of court charge against Trudeau, for encouraging his unfortunately duped supporters to send mass amounts of emails to Judge Robert W Gettleman, who is currently weighing an action against him for (guess what!) continuing to produce infomercials prmooting bogus products.

There are numerous news stories covering this, including this one in The Register. [Apr. 2010] There's also this story which outlines details of the emails his supporters actually sent. Naturally, Trudeau thinks this is a freedom of speech issue, completely ignoring that it's 100% illegal to attempt to influence a judge.

ABC News: John Stossel Exposes Liar Kevin Trudeau [Apr. 2007]

My favorite segment:

"...[Nightline's] Jake Tapper caught Trudeau lying about the source of his natural cure for diabetes.

Trudeau: The University of Calgary has twenty... five... years of research and I'm really glad you brought it up because diabetes can be if not completely cured and wiped out in America, dramatically reduced by this herbal combination.

Tapper: We called the University of Calgary and I'm going to read you exactly what they say... 'There have been no human studies conducted at the University of Calgary during the past 20 years on herbal remedies for diabetes.'

Trudeau: Okay: shocked and amazed, because I was just physically in an office in Connecticut yesterday where I had a stack this thick. And I'll have to send it to you.

He never did send that stack or any studies from the University of Calgary."

It's pretty clear that Kevin Trudeau has a very difficult time stating anything that isn't an outright lie, especially when pressed for details on his so-called "research."

Salon: What Kevin Trudeau doesn't want you to know [Jul. 2005]

Exposes the lengthy history of lying that Kevin Trudeau has consistently participated in dating back to the mid-90's.

Finally, an actual doctor - Dr. Michael R. Eades - chose to purchase and review Trudeau's 2005 book "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About". he doesn't have good things to say about it either, and one would assume that a doctor would know. Choice quotation:

Mr. Trudeau's book could have benefited greatly from the services of a fact checker. Had he hired one, however, the book wouldn't have been nearly so long.

Amen to that.

I'll say it again, because I continue to see his bogus infomercials still airing on a daily basis: dno't waste your money!

Kevin Trudeau is a liar.


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